Send your data by email using gmail API

When a script has finished running, you may want to email the results by using the Gmail API. you must first install and load the package gmailr package.


if you are going to display some kind of table I would suggest to also install the tableHTML package.

# Packages loading


The Next step is to connect to Gmail API. You need to activate it in your Google Cloud project More info here and then replace the fake value with your key and secret in the following example.

gm_auth_configure("", "mysecret") 

This commande will transform your dataframe into an html table

#transform the data frame 'df' to a html table
msg = tableHTML(df)
# Construct email
# end send it

we build the email

test_email <- gm_mime() %>%
              gm_to("") %>%
              gm_from("") %>%
              gm_subject("Email title") %>%
              gm_html_body(paste("Hi Mate,<br />
Here are the data you requested:<code>", msg,"<br /><br />Kind regards,<br />Me"))

and we send it


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