Getting started

Install R

R can be downloaded from the CRAN website

After the installation, you'll be able to use R on the command line by typing r.

It's a bit dry as you can see.

Install RStudio

the best way to use R is to use a development environment and the most widely used is RStudio. All the examples in this book will be using it.

Here the webpage to download it.

After this installation, you are ready to go 🙌

For the real R beginners, I would recommend to at least to check out in your app where are:

  • the Console panel, where you can execute code that is not meant to be store

  • the Source panel, where you can execute R file code. Where any piece of code can be selected and executed.

here is quick youtube demo that might help.

For your culture, you should know that it is also possible to execute R code online.


Choose from the menu on the left what you want to do. if you want to start with something easy I would recommend the XML sitemap

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