About this Book

This guide, in the course of writing, is dedicated to all those who share their knowledge online and especially Hamlet Batista. I'm not a Python user like him and I just came across the guy once, but his disappearance made us all remember that sharing is caring and that Life is so damn short.

1.1 Motivation & limits

Even though R' is a terrific option for SEO, there are simply not enough resources out there.

This guide is not here to deliver a course about R, there are plenty already. This guide is meant to be as practical as possible. How things should be done in an "R-ish way" is not the purpose of this guide. Grab what you want to grab and feel free to reach if you have a better solution, I'll add it giving you credit.

1.3 Project home

All documents, markdown files, scripts, and project images are also publicly available in this repository

All errors are my own. All comments are welcome to improve this guide.

1.4 License

This website is (and will always be) free to use and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.

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