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Explore data with rPivotTable

rpivotTable is a great package by Enzo Martoglio that allows you to explore a small dataset using an HTML drag&drop interface that looks like the pivot interface from Google Sheet or Excel.

Install and load rPivotTable

as usual the instruction are quite straightforward
#install package rpivottable to be done once
# And loading
Imagine you want to explore a data frame called MERGED ( see how to create a data frame using a CSV file )
Its just one line of code
# launch
it will open an HTML page, and you'll be able to drag and drop KPIs from the left column
This create a drag & drop pivot explorer
You can also use the top dropdown list to make it display a plot instead of a table.
It’s also possible make some quick data viz
To easily sort
and filter
Here is a demo HTNL file to try it yourself.